Removing The Sting

Last week, I received another disturbing letter from my dad.  I thought I was healed enough to handle reading it, but the words cut my heart deep, and profound sadness has tried to overtake my soul.

But then, during one of my quiet times, as I was processing with the Lord my great sadness, I felt Him lead me to a devotional by Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez that started with the following quote:

“Come with your burdens and cares and lay them at His feet. No trauma is too hard for Him to heal. No memory is so deep that He cannot reach into it and remove the sting.”

The Divine Romance: 365 Days Meditating on the Song of Songs (The Passion Translation Devotionals) by Brian Simmons, Gretchen Rodriguez

I continue to stand in awe of the graciousness of my Savior. He knows the very words I need to hear at the exact moment I need to hear them. They are much like a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night, bringing warmth to the body and delight to the soul.

Oh, Father GOD, once again, Your tenderness has brought delight to my soul in the middle of my pain. Thank You for being “TRAUMA INFORMED” long before that ever became a phrase. Thank You for putting the above quote in front of my eyes the very hour I needed it most. You have brought comfort to me today as You reach in deep to remove the sting of the memories no little girl and no woman should ever have.

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