Who We Are

The majority of us who have experienced Sexual Trauma have found a variety of ways to learn to cope.  Some of those ways have been healthy, some not so much. But we believe we are not doomed to a life of just coping, instead, we are meant to be Healed, Valued, and Loved.

This website was brought forth in hopes to create a space where it is safe to vent, process, cry, and ask questions without the fear of judgment.  We also want it to be known as a Resting Place filled with Grace, Honor, and Peace.

What We Believe

We believe we were created in the image of GOD.  We believe  Jesus is our Healer, loving us back into wholeness and restoring our dignity.  We believe in you and your worth. Our mission is to help build one another up in the knowledge of that worth, so we may all know that we are LOVED, VALUED, and NOT ALONE.

Meet The Woman Behind The Name

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